Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update for this year.

                                          Ram Rod
                                           Mini Mellow
                                           Portia (bought from Fiasco Farm)
                                          Bonnie (front) Double Stuff (back)
  These pics are about 6 months old I will be updating with new pics here at the new farm as soon as I can. I will include pics of this years garden, beginning of the vineyard, berry patches and the new much larger orchard with currently has about 35 fruit and nut trees. Please keep in mind most of them are small seeing as how we just planted them.
  I will also be posting pics of all our new animals and the brooders. Some are used off and on. Two are still being old fridge and dishwasher. We are still trying to clean up this place it was pretty trashed when we got it so please excuse any messes you see. It WILL get clean up,lol. I hope to walk around the property and take some general pics so you can kind of see how our land looks. There's a major difference between 1 acre and 5 acres!
  Update on eggs, considering the move and all so far this year we have gathered about 1100 eggs. This is from 30 birds-chickens, ducks and game hens. Please keep in mind some of our birds are male. We have recently gotten another 79 birds. 3 of those are turkeys, all rare breeds. 12 more ducks and the rest are chickens (mostly rare breeds) with a few game and bantams thrown in. We are only milking one goat (Tippy) right now and she has 3 babies on her but we are still getting .5 gal a day. Way to go Tippy! I believe several of our other goats are preg and are looking forward to babies sometime this summer, I'm guessing around June 16th.
  Now that my hubby is home full time with us trying to make this work I hope to actually have the time to keep this blog up. My goal is to post once or twice a week with new pics often. My hubby is hoping to start a goat milk soap business. Right now I am researching so that maybe he can develop and make a soap that would help lupus sufferers with their dry skin. Later future (maybe) a goat cheese business so that he can continue staying at home with us. Fresh fruit will be sold from the orchard after it finally reaches that point. We are hoping to sell fresh eggs and whatever other produce we can after things are well enough along. At some point he will also sell some baby chicks and some of our baby goats as we will no doubt end up with to many. Well the baby is fussy i best go tend him. See you later!