Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Appliences, Colds and Peace

 Ok, so we've all been down with colds. 3 extra people staying here two left yesterday third is still helping us install a 2nd bathroom and real laundry room LOL, ! Anyway all of our appliances we had left broke down. So we were down a stove, oven, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer. That's 9 people we were washing dishes for and hand washing clothes for, while it rained for a week. Nothing was dry. Then everyone caught colds. I broke down grabbed the credit cards and some cash. We bought an inexpensive but good stove, dishwasher, front loading clothes washer and dryer. Both are more efficient so i needn't feel so guilty for using them during the rainy and busy season like now.
  We have a medium sized dairy goat named Tippy that is about to have babies and a large dairy goat named Marshmallow that will have babies right after her. Roo our black atrolope rooster is back outside and diaper free once again. His leg has healed well and he  is happy to be back with the flock.
  Through all this home school is in full swing. Our year runs a bit odd since we need to take time off for gardening and preserving as well as a vacation around September. Kids are doing ok but not totally happy with the changes we've made.
 Electric in the laundry room in as well as almost all the plumbing for the bathroom! WAHOO! Hubby and friend have really done a lot. They  plan on tilling the garden this week so i can get started on the food stuffs. Go guys your doing a great job. I'm hoping to put up some pics of the room later if i can.
  This weeks moments though not always pleasant are teaching me to have moments of peace even when it seems there is none. When the toddler is sick and crying. When the older ones don't want to do chores or school, when you daughter feels she needs you all the time all while you hubby remodels the house and works a ton of hours, there is peace and positive things to be found.Well off to check the bread and refried beans I'm making. God bless.

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