Friday, January 1, 2010

Washing clothes on the homestead- hand washing how tos

  Hand washing your laundry?! You ask with an incredulous look on your face. Yep hand washing my laundry, lol. Our washer and dryer recently broke so we decided to just go back to the basics since we couldn't afford a new washer anyway. Its really not as bad as people make it out to be. We have ours set up in the kitchen right now since its cold out. Tools needed? A washtub, washboard, plunger, double sink or two buckets and of course, soap, water and clothes. Here is a four part series on youtube that can show you better and I could explain it. The videos are courtesy of the pockets of the future homestead. The last link is a video showing you how to make your own laundry soap that will cost you only a couple of pennies a load and is the best stuff ever. That video is courtesy of Homestead Acres.
  Just a note to those who really wonder if its worth it, yes it is. Your clothes will be cleaner than they have ever been. Guess what? Your bottom will thank you too, lol. In two weeks of hand washing our clothes in this fashion has toned and firmed my rear better than 6 months of squats, lunges, and yoga. Who knew I could actually like how I look in my shaving shorts! Goodbye lunges, lol.
  Good luck and have fun. This is also a great time to have the kids take turns reading some wonderful books allowing you to knock out history class while y'all take turns washing.

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