Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Babies!

Whew! What a day. I would like to announce that today two new baby goats entered this world. Both girls born by Tippy. You go girl! Both of your kids are the cutesiest things ever. One black all over with 2 brown stripes on the check bones and a white star on the forehead while the other and oh so sweet one is white with brown splotches. Both probably poled without knobs even it seems. How great is that? Thank the Lord for today is a wonderful day even with its lack of sleep and things undone. Now if only i can remember this feeling all year long with my family.... I take this opportunity to once again thank the Lord for my servants the stove, dishwasher and last but not least washer and dryer. In these times of tending new life and freezing cold it is so nice to have the helping hand and less wet laundry hanging up in my house,lol. Oh and also thank you Lord for the central heat we have been enjoying as of last night. WOW what a treat. Ty Honey for all you do around here to make things easier on me/us.

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