Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning Outside

Ok so today we spring cleaned outside. The back yard is looking great, we even took the pool out of the back yard since the pump burned up adding a great space for 3 sister gardens. We set up a nice porch at the back door so there is no more slipping down a ramp. We also used the mass amount of pine needles we have to create non muddy pathways throughout the back yard to make tending animals easier and more pleasant.
Tippy had two beautiful babies that are set up in the closest mini barn in the playground most of the time though they are let out to play during the warmest times of the day. Tippy really seems to enjoy her time away from the heard with her two little ones. Marshmallow is due to have her babies anytime now i believe since were not real sure when she was actually bred. Shes huge and obviously ready to get them out, lol. I cant wait either, more babies YEA!
We have set up an appointment to buy more black Astrolope hens and chicks, also some Americanas on Friday, maybe even a couple of silkies. The only chickens left to buy will be some white buffingtons and golden buffingtons. Maybe well get buckeyes again at some point but not this year. We took out the two rooster game chickens for dinner after they caused a fuss with one of the neighbors. Apparently they thought that Mrs. Nan, a sweet older lady, and her nurse do not get up early enough like 4am!
The men have been steadily working on the plumbing for the bathroom and that laundry room. It looks as though they will finish it tonight. Its been an amazing amount of work for them.
Well off to spend a few min with hubby before he has to go back under the house.

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