Saturday, February 13, 2010


   I'm pregnant! Yep the Lord has chosen to send us sweet child #5. Im about 8 weeks pregnant {we think} which puts me due on September 19th. What a blessed family we are. Now, what a busy family we are,lol. There's lots to do to get ready and i don't like to wait till the last minute so im starting now. We've decided if possible a crib will be made from an old barrel and covered with pretty fabric if its a girl or left with the nice stained wood if its a boy. Here are the easy directions Of course there is also the issues of space since this is a small home. Bunk beds and shelves will be put up and about 1/4 of all our stuff cleared out. Hubby cant figure out what in the world we could get rid of but i see a few starting points.
  A new barn is being built as well as a new coop. This should start this Wednesday and be finished the same day. Keep your fingers crossed!  It will have closer and more convenient location and layout making it easier to tend all the animals at once as a family. We're hoping this will strengthen us as a family and create an more fun atmosphere since we will be able to share the work and joke around more.  I hope it will also make learning and teaching about the animals easier and give me more chances to see how the children interact with them and their preferences.
  Home school is well on its way to ending for the yr. Due to exciting events we'll be taking a break that we normally wouldn't. Of course we will continue to do a bit of math and read daily but that's about it other than book reports of course. This will leave more time for playing and studying personal interests.
WOW, what an exciting beginning for a new year. Thank You Lord it truly looks like this will be a wonderful and interesting journey.
 I will be updating the garden list here shortly. We were able to get some wonderful organic heirloom seeds from Oh i almost forgot we just bought 20 more chickens to stock up our flock after the fox and dog attack. Amazingly enough we were able to get the Buffintons, Astrolope, Americanas a couple of mixes that were to cute, a breed i cant remember that's reddish and a rooster that isn't fully grown yet but weight 15 lbs.! He was a runt and so we got him at a nice price instead of paying 30$. We are hoping that by mixing him in the new breeds will still be great egg layers but larger for more meat. Oh and  honestly hes beautiful. I cant wait to see how the chicks turn out.

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  1. Do we know each other from CM? If so, what's your screen name there? I can't quite put it together.

    Love the barrel idea for a crib! Replied to your comment at my blog (or at least I'm headed there to do so now).