Monday, February 22, 2010

A Micro Barn for a Micro Farm

  Two days ago we started the building of a mini barn with attached chicken coop to make access easier and keeping track of the kids a breeze.It's nearly done I'm proud to announce that it has three stalls the next one bigger than the last to accommodate the different sizes of our 3 grown goats. Mommy goats of  course received bigger stalls to allowed room for the kids. Each goat now has their own pallets for sleeping and keeping hay off the ground, water buckets, feed buckets and for the kids cinder blocks to play on. In the future lights will be installed to make early morning milking and feeding easier. We are still waiting on Marshmallows babies to get here. I'm so excited to see them i have gotten to feel and see them moving, its amazing.
  A nice coop has been attached to the left side in order to make sure we can care for all the animals in one place eliminating carrying buckets of water the length of a football field. Tomorrow a large walk in run will be installed for the chickens to keep them safe...we have a hawk were trying to get rid of. They will of course be allowed free run of the yard but, we have to be extra careful right now. The coop will also have a light in the future to help with winter heating.
  The first set of raised gardens are being place on just the other side of the fence so that i can keep track of baby critters and the kids in the other fenced areas ( playground and more gardens). Speaking of fencing hubby has dug the holes needed down our property line for our privacy fence needed to keep our boy goat in, lol. He breaks out to come visit us in the house. He's also already set the posts and has it ready to start the rest.
  Now, down to the hard stuff getting the family on a working schedule.........its in progress and not all the kids are real happy about it but I think they get the point that its here to stay.  Most of the kids seem very content in knowing what is going to go on when and where everything should go. Even my youngest has commented and said ty. I've made a few more adjustments to school so that reports are done on Friday instead of the weekend. I didn't like school interfering with seeing the grandparents. Of course they don't have all the reading on Friday or the other writing assignments since there are two one page book reports or reviews done. Hopefully everything will iron itself out soon and things will be even more peaceful.
  I have decided to attend the Ultimate Homeschool Expo  Ultimate Homeschool Expo and look forward to its starting on May 3, 2010. Cindy Rushton is just wonderful and she always has great speakers and teachers. I had a blast at the Ultimate Woman's Expo Ultimate Womens Expo and imagine that this will be just as fun and helpful. Well its time to tuck in kids so i better get to it.

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  1. Got pictures of the barn? We just have some makeshift shelters for our goats-made from material already on hand. They like them though. We have trouble with predators stealing our chickens too. I think the biggest offender are coyotes, but one might have been snatched by a hawk. I know they need to eat too, but I didn't think it was my responsibility to feed them!