Thursday, February 25, 2010

More baby goats!

 Two days ago Marshmallow gave birth to 3 beautiful girls. Two black and white ones and one tiny solid white one that looks just like her mom. Good job Marshmallow! Unfortunately in the night after the births we almost lost the white one we named mini Marshmallow or mini mellow. She somehow got separated from her stall and into another where she was trampled by Tippy the other mama goat. Since she was not in the right stall there was no one to keep the tiny one warm and she suffered hypothermia. Needless to say we saved her and she is now a bottle fed house goat. 3 seems to be more than she wanted anyway or maybe she just thought something was wrong with the baby and so left her to die. She does not seem worried about her baby at all but that could just be because she knows I'm taking care of it. Mini is very week but starting to eat and trying to walk. We look forward to her growing strong and and one day being a great milker for us. Praise the Lord we found her in time for she has stolen all of our hearts. Most of the babies will be sold in the future although i wish we didn't have to. But hubby says that of course we don't have room for them all and we really do need the money for feed until we can grow our own. Due to the fact that they are great milkers I expect to get 300-400 for each of Marshmallow's babies {med-larg breed Saanen/ mini Nubian mix} and 100-200 for each of Tippy's babies {small breed mini Nubian}.Of course if anyone is interested in one of our babies you can leave me a message here or email me at There is a screening process as we will only allow them to go to good homes that really want or need them and will provide them with natrual care.
  We choose the mix the Saanen and mini Nubian to get a great milker that gives more than the mini Nubian and has more butterfat but is slightly smaller. Our Nubian gives us an avg of half a gal after the second kidding while our Saanen gives us 1-1.5 gal a day. The Nubian would be great for a small family or couple and the Saannen for a larger family or someone interested in drinking milk as well as making cheese or soap. We do all three and I'm more than happy to help anyone looking to learn cheese making or soap making. Just shoot me a email or look at the link for fiasco farms. It's a great place to start.


  1. I what nice BLOG, It tells a real story. Good Luck as you further develop it

  2. Hi Megan,
    I thought I'd stop by and say hi and I'm glad I did. You look like you are living the life we are trying to live. LOL! My husband and kids want all sorts of farm animals but living on a barrier island across the street from the beach makes that kind of hard. That's why we are trying to sell our house and move where we can.
    It's nice meeting you and I can't wait to read more about your adventures. Oh and congrats on baby #5.