Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Ugly Frog

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain

I've been working on my ugly frog all day. Yes, even throughout the seminar, thankfully my children cooperated with me! Homeschool, yep that's my frog. I have plans and grades that need to be entered on the computer, somehow this quarter i fell behind on doing it. At least i did keep records. Also, motivating my children to just get it done instead of wasting the day fighting me over it. So far so good. Were having to redo a few assignments and i realized these are the areas where they should be doing the work together instead of separate. This means of course i need to make some changes. So... I'll work all that out as well..
 Here goes my plan excluding Bible because i don't count it as school. I dont feel they should be graded in that area.
   McGuffey's 4th Reader- The class will now be done together with reading Mon.-Thur. With review questions they may answer together on Fri. (10 min.)

Free Reading- Two chapters a day read together Mon.-Fri. then discussed. A one page report on what they read that week will be done over the weekend individually and due Sun. night by 7 pm. (30min) Current book is Kidnapped by David Balfour.

Math- Each child will have one page of math currently 9 problems ##.## * ##.## Mon-Fri. (15-30min depending on the child)

Copy work- Each child will do one page a day in cursive. We are currently working on The Rules of Civility by George Washington. Rules 1-22. We will do these over and over #1 on Mon. #2 on Tue......through the set then repeat until they are learned and practiced in daily life. (30 min.)

Spelling- Copy each word from the lesson 3 times each on Mon. Tue. study for 5 min. Wed. make sure they know what each word means and how to use it. Thur. study for 5 min. Fri. Test on 15 words from the list. (5-15 min)

Penmanship- The Palmer method. Each child will spend 15 min Mon.-Fri. practicing penmanship in the lesson they have progressed to. (15 min)

History- One chapter a day will be read together Mon.-Fri. With a one page report on what they read that week will be done individually and due Sun. night by 7 pm. (45min.) Current book is A Child's History of England by Charles Dickens.

Total time spent in school a day = 2.5 hrs.-3hrs. This gives a bit of wiggle room.
Total days a year 160

Science, farming, wood working, PE, Computer skills, Spanish, Gardening and other interests will be followed and encouraged in non school atmosphere. Meaning outside as much as possible or allowed to us Lesson Pathways after the chosen lesson is approved by me. This will give them more of a choice in what they study as far as somethings go and how much time they spend on it. I do not include science in my general lesson plan because they have a natrual interest in it and i like seeing the directions they choose to follow. We also live on a homestead........there's science everywhere, lol.

  Feel free to comment or add suggestions / ideas. I'd love to hear them.


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